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The Night before a big storm! The moon was almost full and the air was wonderfully clear! The high clouds were moving in creating a fabulous backdrop for these 20-30 sec time exposures.  Shot from above Playa Del Rey California, near Loyola University.

Assignment: Gas Prices  Shell Station: Fiji and Lincoln 


2/26/2011 Sunsets in Marina Del Rey are so spectacular when we have weather. Cold  52 degrees this morning and 46 degrees  this evening. This raven was catching the thermal cline, holding his position aloft with amazing precision.

Morning Cumulo Nimbus thunder clouds stretch out across Marina Del Rey and Century City. And yet it was so clear you could see the Hollywood sign.

On assignment to shoot something entirely different, I found this fellow up 80 feet in the air! trimming this palm tree during the early morning rain near El Segundo, CA.

This is a photo compilation of 6 images.           

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Assignment:  "RED!" 

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            The Pendragon was in for some R & R at the BoatYard on Fiji Way

All you need: a Bike, A Barby, and a Hot Red Boat.

 Our Local Marina Fire Department on Patrol!

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